A Celebration of Survival

a(pp w480 h319) A Celebration of Survival 5 years ago as Ms. M was enduring yet another chemo treatment, she stumbled upon the Belle Boudoir website and says that “a dream was born.” She began daydreaming about “glamorous lingerie, smokey eyes, and sexy hair” and was determined to treat herself to a photography session once she was healthy again. Fast forward 8 months later and Ms. M was feeling great and was “ready to dive into the experience.” She felt that “after chemo and surgeries, (she) really needed a reminder that her (and her body) are still beautiful. 

Ms. M anticipated having a few nerve racking moments throughout her session but when she didn’t encounter a single one (even when wearing nothing but a sheet) she found herself pleasantly surprised.

When she arrived back home after spending the day at Belle Boudoir, Ms. M gave the 4×6 photo she left with that day to her husband and his jaw immediately hit the floor. He was absolutely speechless which was fantastic since he is typically “very articulate,” according to his wife. Once he was able to speak again, he simply asking how soon he could see the rest of the pictures. Exactly the response she was hoping for.



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