seeing the transformation unfold

Miss M had always dreamed of having a pin-up style photo shoot. She is obsessed with 40’s and 50’s inspired wardrobe, hair, and makeup and loved the campiness that is a part of every pin up shoot. Miss M wanted to exude the sex-kitten meets house-wife feel that so many women had during the pin-up era and in our opinion, she pulled it off brilliantly!

She was a little nervous walking into the studio but all her nerves and worrisome body-issues were immediately laid to rest by Cheryl Jones and Nikoma Souza. She said that “everyone made me feel really beautiful and completely relaxed once I walked in the door.” Miss M was surprised by how easily the nerves melted away and she settled into having the time of her life.

Miss M’s favorite part of her session with Belle Boudoir was seeing the transformation unfold before her eyes: the long hair extensions, victory rolls, winged eyeliner, red lips, and vintage wardrobe. She exclaimed that she had “found (her) inner Beyoncé by the time everyone was done with (her).” We couldn’t be more pleased to be the ones to help her with that.

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