6 Best Fall/Winter Makeup Trends

Ever since I was a little girl, I would always rush to the magazine stands to pick up the Fall/Winter beauty and fashion issues so that I could scope all the latest trends and try to figure out how to work them into my own style. Sure, the pencil thin Drew Barrymore eyebrows of the early 90’s didn’t work out in my favor, but I picked up a few tricks that I successfully incorporated in order to refresh my own style. Remember “The Rachel?” It literally changed my hair game in 1995.

It can be tough to rummage through the plethora of beauty trends you see on the runway, the red carpet, and in magazines. It can be even more challenging to identify the trends and figure out how to work them into your everyday life. To take off some of the pressure, I have done all the rummaging necessary to bring you the 7 best Fall/Winter 2019 makeup trends that are easy to incorporate and translate just as beautifully on the runway as they do in real life.

Matte Red Lips

Matte red lips are seen everywhere and in every shade for F/W 2019. My favorite? Pair MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo lipstick with clean polished skin and minimal eyes and cheeks.

Rosy Glow

A timeless beauty trend that peaks on the catwalk in the winter, is an extra rosy glow. On the runway, it is typically seen a bit more intensely giving all the models that “I just finished skiing Aspen” look. To take on this look in real life, just make your blush the star of your makeup show by using only a sheer foundation, mascara, and dabbing a bit of color on your lips in the same shade as your cheek color. Gives your brows a little attention to add an extra frame to your eyes.

Warm Monotone Neutrals

Perfect this look by sweeping a warm neutral colored blush liberally across your eyelids and use what’s left on your brush to brighten up your cheeks. Find a sheer lipstick that matches your blush color and dab It across your lips to finish this look.

Dewy Skin

From the red carpet to the runway, dewy skin is all the rage. Dewy skin makes you look healthy and youthful and is achievable in under 5 minutes. For effortlessly dewy skin, apply your skin products as normal but skip the setting powder and trade in your powder blush for a cream blush – my favorite is NARS The Multiple in Orgasm. To bump it up a little more, dab a little of your favorite clear lipgloss on the high planes of your cheek bones and liberally on your lips.

Super Glossy Lips

This is the easiest trend to get on board with in the colder months since our lips usually suffer at the hands of the weather and feel dry and chapped. To achieve this look with ease, simply apply your favorite lipgloss as liberally as you can handle. When your lips look like they are almost literally dripping with, you’ve nailed it.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re 15 or 55, adding a little sparkle to your makeup is bound to brighten up these darker fall and winter days. If you are just looking to get your toes wet in the sparkle pool, use your favorite glitter liner – I love the price and variety offered by NYX – and pat a little across your lower lid to reflect light and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. If you want to dive in, use Stila’s selection of Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow liberally across your lower lids, under your lash line, and pat some over the top of your favorite lipstick.


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