5 Steps to False Lashes


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If you want them, false lashes are included in every makeup application at Belle Boudoir. They help to open up the eyes and make them look larger and add a little drama for the camera. There are a lot of women who want to try them for their photoshoot but haven’t worn them before and therefore, don’t know what to expect. So, this post goes out to all of you!

Step One: You and your makeup artist will choose a lash style based on how much drama you want to achieve and the shape and size of your eyes.

Step Two: Your makeup artist will trim the length of the strip that the individual lashes are attached to in order to make the lashes fit your eyes and apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to the remaining strip

Step Three: After a few seconds of allowing the glue to dry to a tacky texture, the lashes will be applied to your eyes while you are looking straight down at the floor. The glue will feel a bit wet at first and you will likely see a gray haze in your upper peripheral. The more dramatic lashes often feel a little heavy. But be assured that after about 20min, most women forget that they are on!

Step Four: You will have mascara applied to your natural lashes to blend them with the falsies.

Step Five: To remove your lashes, simply grab the outer corner and gently pull. The entire strip of lashes will peel off easily leaving no damage to your natural lashes behind. 


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