Hair Extensions: What They Are & What They Do

You have always wanted to try hair extensions. You can’t look on Instagram or Pinterest without seeing girls with hair longer than yours has ever been willing to grow. What you don’t know, is that most of those girls are using hair extensions to achieve their “hair down to there” looks. So, what are hair extensions exactly? Hair extensions can be made from both real human hair or synthetic hair. The best quality extensions are human hair. You can curl, blow dry, flat iron, and even dye your human hair extensions. In the Belle Boudoir studio, we carry all human hair extensions. That means that we are able to style them into your hair in exactly as you want them to be. Beachy waves? Done. Voluminous curls? Done. Stick straight and super shiny? Done and done.

Now that you know what hair extensions are, I’m sure you want to know what the benefits of wearing them would be. Here is a sampling of reasons that hair extensions are great for your boudoir session:

1. They give added length to your hair

2. The give more volume

3. Longer hair can help hide less forgiving parts of our bodies such as the dreaded armpit bulge

4. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl very well, the extensions will. Which means that if your hair begins to loose it’s texture in the middle of your session, your hair extensions will still be as fabulous as when you left the hair and makeup chair.

5. To add color you don’t otherwise have

6. To emphasize a lesser pronounced color in your hair

7. To enhance the sex kitten character you are bringing to set with you

8. To make you FEEL sassy

9. To add additional texture to otherwise limp hair

10. Because they are just plain S.E.X.Y.

 Hair Extensions: What They Are & What They Do

It’s two days before my session and I got a…PIMPLE!

First thing’s first, DON’T WORRY! While it may look like you woke up with a volcano on your face to you, chances are that no one else has even noticed. And, when it comes to your photos, remember that makeup, lighting, and post production are your friend. Additionally, there are a couple of things that you can do at home to help that mini-volcano go back to where it come from. Follow these steps below 1-2 times per day until your skin is once again crystal clear:

1. Steam Bath: A steam bath will allow your pores to fully open up and be ready to accept the full benefits of any treatment you apply after. You can do a steam bath by warming some water on the stove until it is just steaming – don’t let it get too hot or you could do more damage than good to your sensitive skin. Once the water begins to steam, turn off the stove, move the pot and put your face about 6-10 inches from the water, allowing only the steam to reach it. I recommend keeping your face in the steam for a full 5 or 10 minutes, if possible, and placing a hand towel over the back of your head to keep in as much steam as possible.

2. Apply a Treatment: My favorite is Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. Available at Ulta, Nordstrom, and other retailers for $17 per bottle. It contains salicylic acid and calamine which will simultaneously calm and shrink white heads almost overnight! It is fast acting, effective, lasts for months, and good for all skin types.

It’s time to say goodbye to those pesky pimples and put your best skin forward for your boudoir session!  Its two days before my session and I got a...PIMPLE!

Curly Hair Testimonial

One of the things that makes blogging rewarding is hearing testimonials from clients who have put some of the suggestions to the test and loved the results. The other day I had a woman in the studio with the most beautiful naturally curly hair. Her hair smelled amazing and looked fantastic before I ever put my fingers through it. When I asked her what she used on her hair, she said that after reading my blog on Deva Curl products, she had been using the entire system (even the hand shaped diffuser!) and that it has changed her hair! She said her hair is more shiny, less frizzy, the curls are more defined, and overall her hair feels healthier. I was so excited to hear that reading one of the Belle Boudoir blogs has made a difference in her everyday life, even before her photo session!

 Curly Hair Testimonial

Top 5 Foundations for Boudoir

As the makeup artist at Belle Boudoir, one of the questions I get most often is what type of foundation I use. Women love the flawless looking skin they get after their foundation application and often want to replicate it at home. So, I put a list of my top 5 favorite foundations to use in the studio. I hope this helps!

Top 5 Foundations @ Belle Boudoir

  • Smashbox Studio Finish Foundation:  $42
    • Matte
    • Medium – Full Coverage
    • Water Resistant
  • FACE Atlier Ultra Foundation: $36
    • Satin Finish
    • Sheer – Full Coverage
    • Long Wearing
  • Makeup Forever Pan Stick Foundation: $32
    • Matte Finish
    • Medium – Full Coverage
    • Best for Dry and Problematic Skin
  • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream: $39
    • Dewy Finish
    • Sheer – Medium Coverage
    • Best on Dry – Normal/Combination Skin
  • Lorac POREfection Foundation: $36
    • Satin Finish
    • Medium – Full Coverage
    • Great for All Skin Types

 Top 5 Foundations for Boudoir

Healing Session

Like most women, Ms. M. came to Belle Boudoir to create a beautiful gift for her husband. She wanted to celebrate the decades she had spent married to him and give him something beautiful and vulnerable. She didn’t anticipate the session being as empowering and emotionally healing as it was. At Belle Boudoir we provide a safe place for each person who enters the studio to say “damn, I am beautiful.” We show you that everyone can look like a super model and that women in magazines go to through a lot of production and post production to look they way do on the pages of nearly every major magazine and ad campaign. Ms. M started in hair and makeup as all Belle Boudoir clients do and slowly her excitement for the day grew as her nerves began to melt. As she got into wardrobe and began to pose she could feel her inner sensuality take over and couldn’t wait to see the pictures. An hour after her session ended, Ms. M met with Cheryl to look through her images and decide on which ones she wanted to turn into a beautiful leather bound book for her husband. When she sat on the couch in Cheryl’s office and gazed at the screen she was nearly brought to tears seeing how incredibly beautiful her images, and her, were (and are!). She felt beautiful, sexy, and sensual.

For Ms. M., feeling sexy and sensual were feelings she struggled with most of her life after experiencing sexual abuse when she was a child. A grim reality for 1 in 3 American girls and women. She spent her adulthood coming to terms with the trauma she had experienced and took on every opportunity to continue moving past it. When speaking with Miss. M following her session, she told me that her experience with Belle Boudoir was the final piece of the puzzle that allowed her to lock up the box and throw the key away – she was finally able to be mentally and emotionally free from her tormentor. We at Belle Boudoir work with strong women who have survived a number of things in their in lives and helping each and every one of those women see the power and beauty within themselves is what keeps us in the boudoir business. It is stories like that of Ms. M. that touch us to our core and keep us excited about making a difference every day.

After Ms. M.’s session was complete, she only had one question remaining: how would her husband respond to his gift? Needless to say, he was over the moon. Full of joy and excitement and couldn’t believe that she had went through with her session. The best part was that she overheard her teenage son talking to her husband saying “Mom is a super model now. You better be extra good to her so that you don’t loose her!” Not only did Ms. M. notice an overwhelming internal change, but it was so obvious externally that even her teenage son noticed. How spectacular is that?!

 Healing Session


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